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A Comparison Study by
American Health Magazine:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavior Therapy: 72%
recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Hypnosis in Richmond, Charlottesville and DC

Personalized for YOU

Hypnosis is a kind of therapy that only works best if it is tailored specifically to your needs.

Dr. Volz will ask you all about the details concerning your goal.  He’ll get to know YOU as an individual and if he chooses to take you on as a client, he will use that information to design a hypnosis program that will ensure your success.

By contrast, group hypnosis seminars and recordings use scripts that are supposed to be one-size-fits-all and don’t usually work.  Big hypnosis chains can’t monitor everyone they hire and so either consistency cannot be guaranteed or the service is “cookie cutter”.  Believe it or not, many hypnotists have no more than 100 hours of training.

Dr. Volz has years of experience with several different kinds of hypnosis, neurolinguistics, EFT, behavioral and coaching techniques.  So even if you think you can’t be hypnotized — he can help you!

YOU are in Control

You are always in control.  Hypnotherapy is completely relaxing and usually people are completely aware of their surroundings.  It’s a myth that someone is making you do something.  Actually, your therapist is putting YOU in control.  Hypnosis restores your freedom of choice where you haven’t had it before… perhaps in years!

One of the Top Therapists in the Nation

Dr. Larry Volz holds a Ph.D. in clinical hypnotherapy (one of only a few in the country), is a practitioner of neurolinguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis and is a nationally recognized presenter and trainer.  He is also a neurotherapist trained in EEG biofeedback.

He is Dean of the American Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and trains other therapists from basic certification on up to advanced topics in the field.

As founder and CEO of The American Hypnosis Clinic, Dr. Volz oversaw the recruitment, training and quality control of over 195 therapists nationwide.  He won the international “Battle of the Hypnotists” in Tokyo Japan in 2005 and is widely respected as one of the pre-eminent hypnotists in the world today.

He is now available in Richmond at The Advanced Wellness Center, in Charlottesville at Ananda and through Skype anywhere in the world!

He has traveled around the World as a teacher/therapist/entertainer and has been featured on national and international television on several occasions.

Lifetime Guaranteed Hypnosis Programs

For some of our programs such as smoking cessation – we offer the most fair guarantee in the mental health and personal improvement industry:  If you are not completely satisfied with your success within the recommended sessions you can come back as many times as you need to until you DO succeed free of charge.

For instance if you quit smoking… but a year later… or five… or ten… you start up again because of some big life stress – you can come right back in free.

You see, we don’t believe it’s ethical for therapists to string people along for years at a time without success.  Or worse yet, over-prescribe pills because it’s more profitable per hour.

Our therapists don’t make a dime if you have to come back – so they are motivated to get you “fixed” quickly and completely!

We care.  We do what works.  We use the best people.  And we are here for you.  For life.

About Hypnosis with Dr. Volz

Using the most effective tools of hypnotherapy, behavior modification and great personal coaching skills available he has personally helped people like you quit smoking, lose weight, reduce pain, learn more easily, end alcoholism and drug dependency and conquer other personal change issues.

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