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Testimonial: Losing weight and kicking *#%^

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Richmond Hypnosis Clinic Testimonial

In what ways has your situation improved since starting hypnosis for weight loss with Dr. Volz:

I have found I don’t want to just eat a lot.  I’m eating more fruits and vegetables.  No more hamburgers.  I’m getting into clothes I couldn’t before.  I’m not snacking and I’m only eating about half about what I used to.  I actually started going to Karate and kickboxing classes 5 days a week.  It’s really fun.

How has hypnotherapy for weight loss changed your life?

It is helping me realize food is to live not just for pleasure.  It has also helped me not eat when I don’t realize I’m eating.

What other things would you like to tell others thinking of hypnotherapy?

I think it truely helps and gives me confidence to things I used to fear.


– A. W-S.
successfully losing weight, exercizing and increasing confidence through hypnosis.


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